Jonny Banger Bangs Slazenger for 'Slazenger Banger' at Wimbledon

Jonny Banger Bangs Slazenger for 'Slazenger Banger' at Wimbledon

The anti-high-end-collab Collab


To get inspo for collabs these days, corporations wanting a revival are going down to the local council estates (social housing) to see what us working class folks are rocking.  Working class folk were/are still seen as the  fatty cut offs of society looked down upon from, well everyone. But on the estates we rocked back in 1985 what you are now wearing in 2018. But still the estates are not given the proper respect that they deserve, or the credit. Fashion is going through a massive '90s revival, with what hits the runways has been the estates uniform. Corporations are taking estate fashion, marking it up $$$$ and then selling it back to us as XPEN$IVE $HIT. No one knows this more than Jonny Banger the anti-label anti-bullshit Bootlegger and head of Sports Banger. Sports Banger is for the 'Poor, rich, famous' making rave t-shirts an art.

The non-political- political- cheeky humored Brit, Banger's work has been featured on Skepta with the upside down Reebok label. The anti-fashion statement now being adopted by the likes of Alexander Wang in the new adidas collection with the upside down treefoil. Banger has been bootlegging since before street wear hit the high fashion society and creating Fashion Activist t-shirt prints from the NHS junior doctors strike of 2016 to the "Free Tulisa" tee's.  Banger, not his real name, got his start in the art of bootlegging by printing football shirts and selling hookey (replica's/fakes) sports wear with his dad. 

So who would this anti-high end collab artist choose to collab with?

Slazenger of course. The poor and rich man's brand with over 100 years of sport affiliation under it's belt and all in time for Wimbledon. The brand that introduced the yellow tennis ball to tennis. The affordable brand the likes of the British Elite and anyone living in Hackney or Tower Hamlets can wear. 

The collection 'Slazenger Banger' has no connections to the 90's its just a collab everyone can afford with price points from $7.88 to $65.75. The collection features everything from bathrobes to boob tubes. It is LOUD featuring a neon yellow hue alluding to the tennis ball.

You don't need to drink tee in a $500 tennis outfit with your pinky pointed to the sky to enjoy tennis. You can be wearing a Slazenger tracky eating bangers and mash at ye local pub with a pint. 

The 30 piece collection will only be sold at Sports Direct, the iconic 'cheap', more like really good sports brands that went bankrupt, dealer, USC stores and Sports Banger Store in South Tottenham on June 28th. 

Note: This will not be sold at Urban Outfitters.