Safe & Sound: Ruti's Long-Awaited First Release of 2022

"I just needed to get home, I wanted comforting and security."


"Closer To You” singer Ruti returns with their first release of 2022 after their busiest year to date with an incredible 6 months of live shows, including performances at All Points East (Tame Impala), British Summer Time (Adele) and UK support slots with Mahalia, Jordan Rakei and Hope Tala.

The single "Safe & Sound" will be their first track released under PMR Records / Secretly Group, whom they signed with at the end of 2021, following the release of the 2021 hit EP All At Once

Decorated with their hypnotically haunting vocal riffs and runs, "Safe & Sound" is an enchanting, jazz-inspired soulful track with a lush soundscape, intricate bass line and a beautifully captivating, soothing saxophone intro.

Lyrically conveying how they and many others felt as a result of the pandemic, Ruti explained they “wrote it at a time when I’d been travelling a lot and felt completely drained. I just needed to get home, I wanted comforting and security." 

Even if it's only for 3 minutes and 35 seconds, being transported in to Ruti's world is an ethereal experience, and I am already waiting with anticipation for what the rest of 2022 will provide. 

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