Russia Invades Ukraine

As Ukraine is plunged into conflict, what is the rest of the world doing to help?


The situation in Ukraine is quickly approaching its boiling point. On Wednesday night after months of Russia mobilizing troops to the border, they invaded. As footage surfaces from Ukraine, planes can be heard overhead, bombs echoing through the streets. 

The conflict has been building for the past few months as Russia prepares to occupy ‘proxy states’ Donetsk and Luhansk. Putin ordered for the distribution of over 700,000 Russian passports to citizens of the two states, awarding them Russian citizenship. This has been considered by many as a tactic to justify the invasion of Ukraine as a mission to protect these Russian citizens. 


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Donetsk and Luhansk were established as separatist states in 2014, following Russia’s invasion and subsequent annexation of the Crimean Peninsula. Highlighting a long and tempestuous military history between the two countries. 

Ukraine is not part of NATO, which means that in the event of a Russian invasion, there is no expectation for the UK, US, or any of the other 28 countries in the alliance to intervene. 

Despite this, The US, UK, and EU have all announced sanctions against Russia and the rebel Ukrainian states. Biden has announced today that restrictions will be placed on Russian banks in the US, putting a strain on the country’s resources; taking money away from their military efforts. Boris Johnson has also introduced sanctions on Russian banks in the UK. 

Construction of Nord Stream 2, a gas pipeline between Russia and Germany, has also been halted. The development, worth billions of euros has been put on hold by Germany in an attempt to deprive Russia of funds and perhaps deter them from further invasion. 

As Ukraine prepares to defend itself from Russian advances, many worry that it could lead to further conflict in Europe. 


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