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Rumour Has It Versace Are Beckoning The Return Of The Iconic Apple Sneaker

Peak geek fashion.


When Versace’s head sneaker designer Salehe Bembury instagrammed a shot of a simple white sneaker against an iconic Versace inspired black and yellow backdrop, it was clear something big was brewing in the fashion house. The chunky white shoe with a retro rainbow text, reminiscent of the iconic 90s Apple logo, featured the words “Versace” and appeared to be a direct reference to the tech giant’s early fashion days. And to top off his mysterious post Bembury captioned the shot with a characteristically short, cryptic quote: “A wise man once said nothing at all”. 

With no hashtag or further comments from either Bembury or Versace, it is unclear whether the brand intend to create a line of shoes for purchase. However, the suggestive snap has certainly got the fashion enthusiasts and sneakerheads of the internet buzzing with speculation over what such an iconic 90s throwback might entail. 


Ein Beitrag geteilt von Salehe Bembury (@salehebembury) am

While being an emblem of peak 90s geek, the Apple sneaker, which is said to have been originally designed for the computer company employees back in the late 1980s and early 1990s, remain shrouded in mystery, existing primarily as a meme-able cultural reference point. However, an archived PDF copy of the 1986 Apple Collection Catalogue reveals that shoes weren’t Apple’s only fashion venture- T-shirts, belts, hats, sweaters and vests all featured in the company’s foray into 90s fashion, and today online sites such as eBay is brimming with limited edition apple merch, selling for hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars. 

What could a Versace line of Apple inspired sneakers or indeed Apple merch more broadly look like? Under the creative lead of Bembury, the brain behind the brand’s avant-garde Chain Reaction and collab with rapper 2 Chainz not to mention his work with Kanye’s infamous Yeezy line, it is safe to say the designer will be channeling a Steve Jobs vibe and be thinking very much out of the box….we can’t wait. 

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