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Rumor Has It Kendall Jenner Is Making Moves In The Beauty Industry

Following in the footsteps of her sisters.


The Kardashian-Jenner effect has already made a lasting stamp on the beauty industry by OG Kim and youngest sibling, Kylie. The Queens of contouring and lip-kits already reign within the business but now eldest-Jenner, Kendall, wants in on that success.

Although this is still a rumored career move, it could be said that Kendall is simply copying the professions of her sisters. However, with her established modeling career as one of the top-paid “it” girls, this transition into the beauty world shouldn’t come as any surprise. After all, the two industries aren’t exactly worlds apart.

Maybe lip-kits won’t be Kendall’s starring product but with her career stemming from the model’s natural beauty, we can only guess she will take a more “simplistic” approach to her cosmetic line. Perhaps the central focus will shine on skin care or the complexion. With the outrage sparked by her recent Proactiv collaboration, however, this guess may be well off the mark.

Only time will tell whether these suspicions are in fact true and whether Kendall is set to launch another sell-out beauty line. If she produces a collection that receives success similar to her siblings’, the beauty industry will be in for a new Queen.


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