Rihanna's Tell-All: Love, Life & The Viral Cover

A raw and revealing chat.


Rihanna's latest cover for Interview Magazine's Spring 2024 edition has certainly set the internet ablaze, but not entirely for reasons one might expect from a typical celebrity photoshoot. Known for her fearless approach to music and fashion, Rihanna once again finds herself at the heart of controversy, for the religious imagery employed in the photoshoot captured by Nadia Lee Cohen, sparking a fiery debate about respect, creativity, and the boundaries of artistic expression.

Responses to the photoshoot have been polarized, with some viewers expressing disappointment and distaste, accusing the imagery of crossing lines of decency and respect for religious symbols. Conversely, others have lauded the creativity and boldness of the imagery, praising Rihanna for yet another boundary-pushing endeavor in her career.

In a candid conversation with Mel Ottenberg, Rihanna opens up about the complexities of motherhood, creativity, and navigating personal growth amidst fame. The interview veers off the traditional path, touching on Rihanna's fashion endeavors, including her collaboration with Puma, and how her body's transformation has influenced her style choices post-pregnancy.

The discussion also delves into her relationship with A$AP Rocky, highlighting how the pandemic accelerated their decision to start a family. Rihanna shares her reflections on motherhood, the dynamics of her relationship, and the competitive fun they share over games of Crazy Eights.

Rihanna's creative process also takes center stage, with insights into how her approach has evolved to prioritize visuals, hinting at a new direction for her artistic output. Despite inquiries about her musical career, the interview maintains a respectful distance from pressuring her for new music, emphasizing her timeline and journey.