White And Black Hats Are Over, Red Hat Certification Are The Only Way To Go

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Red Hat certifications are designed for those who want to build and focus their expertise on Linux based technologies. Linux technologies are providers of open source software business solutions.They cover various technical focus areas that lead to any of the following highly coveted certifications:

Red Hat Certified Systems Administrator (RHCSA)

It is an entry level certification given to individuals who prove their skills in system file sharing and documentation, system boot-up requirements and handling of system storage partitions.

Red Hat Certified Virtualization Administrator (RHCVA)

A Virtualization Administrator is an individual who is skilled in handling systems individual partitions or containers that make up a computer system.

Red Hat Certified JBoss Developer (RHCJD)

It is an entry level certification issued to those who show their expertise in building apps using Java. It is a prerequisite for RHCA certification.

Red Hat Certified Architect (RHCA)

This is an advanced level certification issued to those who pass at least five of the exams in the following fields: Datacenter, Cloud, DevOps, Application Development and Application Platform. It is an advanced form of RHCJD.

Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE)

RHCE is an advanced level certification designed for anyone who demonstrates great skills as a Linux systems administrator. It is built upon the RHCSA certification.

JBoss Certified Application Administrator (JBCAA)

This is a certification that is based on the management of the JBoss Enterprise Application Platform.

The Red Hat certifications cover 31 areas and 25 exams. They are so popular today because of the nature of the courses and exams that Red Hat offers. The exams are hands-on and very comprehensive. There are no theory exams involved. This practical bit of these exams ensures that the learner ends up as an all- rounded expert.

Why Red Hat certifications are important for IT specialists and professionals

Red Hat courses give you a chance to practice using your own PC. Individuals who attain these certifications are the most sought after IT professionals globally because of the unique nature of their expertise. Individuals who pursue training and attain Red Hat certifications are prepared to handle real world technological situations. They come out very qualified and ready for the job market. Various organizations and industries are hiring more and more of Red Hat certified experts because of their qualifications.

Reasons to Get Red Hat certifications

Hands-on Experience

Red Hat certification exams ( are lab based practicals that give the learners the opportunity to test their newly acquired knowledge. All exams starting from the entry level are all practical-based. Passing these exams imply that one is ready for the real world experience of providing technological solutions to business.This is a most sought after skill by hiring managers for top companies around the world.


Red Hat certifications are known to be preceded by very rigorous and comprehensive training and exams. Learners who attain these certifications are considered highly compared to certifications from other bodies. Attaining any of these certifications comes with a lot of prestige and being regarded as a qualified professional who can take care of the technology related needs of any business enterprise.

Competitive Salary Packages

Red Hat certified professionals ( receive one of the highest salary compensation per year. Their salaries go up to earn upto $103,425 per annum. So, as a Red Hat certified expert, you are assured of being compensated well for your knowledge and skills that you apply in solving business challenges.

How do you become a Red Hat Certified Expert?

To receive a Red Hat certification in any of the available fields, you must sit for and pass the exams related to each individual certification ranging from the entry level to advanced level. Let’s have a look at the available certifications and the exams that you need to pass to attain it.


Has no prerequisite. One must passthe Ex200 lab exam lasting 2.5 hours.


You must have a prior experience in Windows Operating System installation.
You must pass the Ex318 lab exam taking 3 hours to complete.


You must pass the Ex225 lab exam that lasts for 4 hours.


You are required to have a certification in RHCJD as well as pass any five exams from the following concentrations: DataCenter, Cloud, DevOps, Application Platform and Application Development. The exams are Ex210, Ex220, Ex236, Ex248, Ex270, Ex276, Ex280, Ex310, Ex318, Ex342, Ex401, Ex403, Ex405 and Ex407. Passing any five of these exams will earn you a certification in RHCA.
The lab-based exam takes up to 6 hours to finish.


A learner is required to have the RHCSA certification and pass Ex300 exams that take 3.5 hours to complete.


You obtain a certification after passing Ex248 lab exam that lasts for 4 hours.

Want to pass Red Hat certification exams? The following tips will help you to succeed:

Pay for training

All Red Hat certifications have courses that you can take before you sit for your exams. Finding a certified trainer to take you through the courses will contribute towards your success in the relevant course exam. You can access these trainings through videos and in a classroom setup depending on where you are. You can pay for the Red Hat Training ( or sign up for Red Hat Learning Subscription. These courses are also available on platforms like Udemy. They cover all aspects of each course exams.

Plan your study time well 

Setting aside enough time for study each day will help you pass your exams. Make sure you understand the course and the exam objectives very well. Avoid anything that might disturb your concentration as you study. Study in a friendly environment that allows you to focus and prepare for your exams.

Practise Tests and Study guides

There are online resources that can help you with your study and revision. RHCSA/RHCE Red Hat Linux Certification Practise Exam with Virtual Machines(Exams Ex200 and Ex300) is one if the resources available on Amazon.

Join Red Hat Open Source Community

This is a community of professionals and candidates who are pursuing Red Hat certifications. People here get to share their experiences about the Red Hat exams and certifications. You also get a chance to ask any question of interest and get answers from the forum members. You can learn very useful things that would be relevant to your area of interest.

Are Red Hat dumps exams useful?

Yes. Red Hat dumps exams allow you to practice for the official exams. They are updated regularly to meet the new requirements of the Hat Red certification courses and exams. Some of the online practice test sources are ExamSnap and PrepAway. Using these practice tests will help you measure your readiness for your main exam.

Top Web resources for Red Hat exam preparation

  • Red Hat Training Page
  • Red Hat Learning Subscription
  • RHCSA/RHCE Red Hat Linux Certification Study Guide
  • CertDepot- for practice tasks and tutorials

Getting the Red Hat certification is now the in-thing. If your focus is on providing solutions to business IT challenges, then this is the best qualification for you to pursue. Here you find competiveness fused with a hands-on experience making you an expert in Linux operating systems.