Quick Guide To A Clean And Organized Bag

Get prepared.


We’ve all had a time when we are guilty of carrying too much around with us. If this is you, it’s time to get organized and reduce your load. The thing is, with our busy lives, we feel as though we need to be prepared for anything. On top of that, we also want to feel and look our best, so we start to carry around everything-we-could-possibly-ever-need. This leads to us feeling unorganized and chaotic instead of prepared.

If you’re ready to get organized, grab your leather crossbody bags and read the tips below.

Empty All Bag Contents

Empty out your bag completely. Lay all the contents out so you can easily see each item. Group things together such as makeup with makeup, pes with pens, etc. You may want to open your wallet or purse and empty the contents of this too. When finished your bag and wallet should be completely empty. This means also removing your Custom iPhone case for iPhone 12 in Alligator Ostrich Python Caf skins off your phone so it’s ready to clean. 

Shakeout Your Bag

Although you may want o claim that your bag is sparkling clean and free of bits, the likelihood is that there are some lingering bits and dust hidden away in the bottom. Unzip any compartments and zips and shake your bag thoroughly over a bin. If you can turn it inside out this will help you get rid of all the bits. Use a lint roller or vacuum cleaner to get rid of all the residue properly. 

Clean Your Bag

Use alcohol-free wipes to clean off any spots or stains on the outside and inside of your bag. If you have a leather bag you may want to use a leather cleaner instead. You should also test a small unseen patch before going ahead with the cleaning. Make sure you read the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning your bag. You should never stick it in the washer unless it specifically states that it is machine washable. If it’s n expensive bag you may want to consider a professional service

Keep Only What You Use

Once you’ve completed the cleaning, it’s time to think about the organization of your bag. Make a plan for you are going to keep in there. You need ot be ruthless and only keep what you truly need. 

Items you should keep in your bag include:

Your mobile phone, with a hands-free set if needed
Hand wipes (1-2), individually packaged
A small touch up makeup case
Sunglasses in a case 
Medical supplies such as medication, bad-aid, aspirin, and feminine product
Pen and small notepad
Wallet/purse with credit/debit cards, cash, and ID
Insurance cards and information
Small key chain with keys

As you place each item back in your bag, make sure you wipe them down. You don’t want anything sticky or dirty being put back in your nice clean bag. You should also think about making use of the compartments inside. For example, if your bag doesn’t zip up make sure your valuable item is inside a zipped compartment

Remove anything You Don’t Need

After you’ve sorted out the items you’ll want to keep in your bag, there are also certain items you should look at removing. 

Items to take out of your bag :

Full makeup kit
Any large bulky items such as a planner or large notebook
Loyalty cards you no longer use
Multiple pens 
Extra coins, only keep a small amount of change, enough for parking 
Multiple pens and markers
Social Security card
Receipts you don’t need

When we carry too many items like these, we are setting ourselves up to fail. Items such as passports and social security cards should be kept at home so they can’t be stolen and used for identity theft. If you need them for one day, make sure you remove them in the evening after use. 

Store Extra Or Emergency Items In Your Car Kit

If you are worried that you are going to leaving home without something you may need, store the extra or emergency items in your car kit. You could keep things such as a bottle of water, tissues, rubber gloves, a pocket knife, melt-free snacks, matches, and other emergency items in your car. This means you are never stranded without items you might need because you can almost always return to the car to take care of an issue.

This short guide should help you to get your bag clean and organized in no time. Do you do anything to keep your bag tidy? Please share some of your tips in the comments below.