5 Quick Beauty Hacks Before Big Events

Prepare you for this big day.


You have a big event coming up, and you want to look the best. You want all eyes on yourself while in your lovely dress, and you want a quick fix. We totally get you! Thinking of how to make your nose look straight, how to do fresh makeup or how to look slimmer in your tight dress might be keeping you busy. Here we’ll share some really helpful tips to prepare you for this big day, either a wedding or a celebration.

Magic: Non-Surgical Operations

Preferred by many celebrities before big events, non-surgical operations like fillers, PRP facials and teeth whitening sessions are your savior! The most common reason why people choose non-surgical procedures before big events is that they require no downtime and can be performed quickly at a professional’s office during day time.

These non-surgical cosmetic treatments will instantly change the way you look for the better. If you're not happy with your nose, you can get nose fillers done to smoothen out the bump on the bridge and lift your nose. Lip fillers or botox treatments can provide you with a quick solution to your problems. A teeth whitening procedure will improve your smile and dazzle the other guests! Rest assured that you’ll be the attention center while you’re enjoying your drink that night.

Always Be Prepared: Outfit

Always be prepared for the last-minute big events. A little black dress will save you all the time. Make sure to include a maxi dress in your wardrobe along with a stylish satin blouse where you can combine with a cute skirt or pants according to the event and the venue.

Always prefer simple and basic outfits so they’ll never be out of fashion. Plus, they can be suitable for all occasions! Keep in mind to look out for sales and campaigns to save money.

Your Secret Weapon: Underwear

Women always consider what they will wear for the big events but underwear is always underestimated. The golden rule is to always keep a corset, an invisible pantie and a stick-on bra in your closet!

After you decide on your outfit, you should select your underwear wisely. If you're wearing a decollete dress, be sure that your bra doesn’t show. If you have small breasts and you aren’t comfortable with them, you can try a bra that supports your breasts and give them a higher & perky look. This will draw more attention to you during the big event.

It’s also okay if you don’t have the budget for an adhesive bra, you can stick duct tape to your nipples to cover them, or just free the nipple!

Whip It Back and Forth: Hair

You don’t need to go to a hairstylist and spend time in the beauty centers to look perfect. Combining your outfit with a quick hairstyle is something that each woman can do. Plus, social media is full of DIY hairstyles that are easy peasy lemon squeezy!

If you are wearing a flyaway maxi dress, you can put your hair in a messy bun along with hoop earrings. Simple braids are also amazing. Sometimes, beauty comes from the basics.

If you're wearing a mini tight dress, low ponytails can create a sleek look that’ll make heads turn. Besides, a ponytail makes your face look longer and lifted. To make these hairstyles, a comb, hairspray, hair clips and a few hairpins are all you need.

The Last Touch: Makeup

Makeup is the last touch that will complete your total look. Either an eyeliner with red lips or a peachy gloss with shimmery eyelids, make sure to use a primer to make your makeup long-lasting!

Other than the primer, prefer using permanent makeup products, as the dance floor can make your eyeliner or foundation leak out and ruin your look. Water-proof products are your besties for special occasions or big events!

A Final Note

Following our tips to prepare for a big event, you’ll glow within the crowd. One last thing we want you to know is that you are beautiful. Don’t be scared of the last-minute big events, you’ll be ready with the right outfit, underwear, hairstyle, and makeup.


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