We Interview Queen Millz, the UK Rapper Redefining What it Means to be a Queen.

Bow down.


Queen Millz is ready to take British rap by storm. With bangers like ‘Fendi’, ‘Pretty’ and most recent single ‘Millz’ under her belt, she's well-equipped to face the rapidly changing music industry; confident in her style, sound, and online presence on social media. Born in Leicester with Jamaican heritage, Millz fuses grime and R&B (with a powerhouse flow not to mention) but is reluctant to be defined by any one genre.

Chanelling personal experiences into her music, Queen Millz’ main ambition is inspiring women to have confidence and attitude.  
This week we caught up with Millz for a chat about her music, ambitions, and her biggest takeaways from navigating the music industry. 

If you had to describe yourself as an artist in three words, what would they be? 
Versatile, confident, vibey

What led you to a career in music?
I started writing lyrics back when I was at school, I was naughty and got kicked out a lot so when I was grounded my dad would make me write songs about what I’d done wrong and how I’d improve in the future. 
My parents really influenced my taste and love for music.

Biggest Influences? 
Chip is my biggest UK influence. I remember being young and seeing him come up made me aspire to be like him.

You’re known for your eye-catching outfits. What's your biggest fashion inspo, and what kind of energy do you try to emulate?
Thank you! My stylist Rosanna keeps me looking fresh for my videos. But I’m very American inspired when it comes to fashion sense, it can go from y2k to old school street to just a plain and simple tracksuit.

You grew up in Leicester but moved to London for work. What’s been the biggest change? What do you miss / don’t miss?
Actually, right now I’m still traveling from Leicester to London and back. I’m not looking to make that move until I’m busier. But London is my happy place, I feel like when I’m over there I can create with ease.

When you’re not writing songs, you’re also something of a TikTok star, with over 126k followers. How do you feel about the platform and its close ties to the industry?
My Tiktok has deffo been a gradual journey, it’s more a page to showcase my personality and goofiness as well as my remixes and freestyles. Tik Tok is definitely something I’d encourage artists to jump on.


What’s your favorite part of the process as an artist? Song writing, recording or touring?
I honestly love it all and I know performing is my passion. But I definitely like shooting my music videos the most. I love feeling my visions come to life.

When do you know you’ve got a hit in your hands? 
I send my stuff to my manager at the end of the session straight away if I feel like the tune slaps. If he gets gassed... we know it’s a hit.

You started off as Lil Millz but eventually grew into the moniker of Queen Millz?
When I was really young and just started writing bars, I was about 10 years old, I was in the New Boyz ‘You’re a Jerk’ era with Young Money popping. Before Lil Pump or Lil Peep, there was Lil Wayne, and that’s why I named myself Lil Millz. Then when I got into college and started spitting grime I didn’t think I was ‘lil’ (or little) anymore, so I claimed the throne. Queen Millz was born.

What does it mean to be a queen?
When I named myself Queen Millz, I didn’t want to claim the Queen ‘of’ anything. Every boss lady is a Queen. Every pretty gyal that loves herself and knows her worth, even the ones that need a little encouragement, and as Queen Millz I want to inspire ladies to feel confident.

Check out her latest single Mill$ below. 

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