We Chat To Ella Rosa About Her Latest Single 'Just Me Feat 24hrs'

Sexy, fun, and an all round good listen.


Praised for her 'prolific, vibey’, and must we add, dreamy vocals, singer and songwriter Ella Rosa is certainly one to watch out for.

Born and raised in Henley-On-Thames, Ella has had quite a journey. First stepping out into the music scene as an opera singer, Ella found her calling within the R&B genre where she is highly recognized for her soulful vocals underlined with jazz undertones.

The singer, songwriter and storyteller draws emotionally earnest inspiration from her own life experiences, ranging from the nuances of family and personal relationships to the trials and tribulations that come with pulling up roots and moving countries.  

Her latest single ‘Just Me (featuring rapper 24hrs)’, sheds light on the growth she has made since beginning her music career. Incorporating her soulful blend of lyrics and vocal runs, Ella shares her story of self-discovery and speaks of her struggles with people-pleasing and her youth in reading. 

We got to have a chat with Ella herself all about her latest single and more...

Hello Ella, it's lovely to have a chat with you! How are you and how’s your year been?

Thank you for having me! My year it’s been kind of a roller coaster but all very good things in hindsight. It’s funny how that works.

So your newest single ‘Just Me’ featuring 24hrs has been released. Could you tell us a little bit more about the meaning behind the song/what it’s about?

I wrote this at a time where I was fully coming into myself and LA and into my musicianship. I found peace in writing about an attitude that I wanted to keep in the past and that was people-pleasing. I wrote a bit about the homesickness that I have on the daily and that felt like a bit of therapy for me.

‘Just Me’ features Robert Dozier Davis III, better known as 24hrs. What was it like to collaborate together?

LOL that’s really funny that you know his full name. This is a collaboration that came about very randomly as I wanted him to feature on a previous song titled “24 hours m” as I thought the names of the ironic but he really loved this song and I fell in love with his bus for it so it worked out really well.

We noticed you are a Gemini! Are you into astrology and spirituality?

Really funny you should ask that as I was just talking to my best friend about this all yesterday. I’m not into astrology but she educates me about it pretty much daily. Apparently, I’m pretty similar to what Geminis are known for.

Who are your musical inspirations?

Jorja Smith, Erykah Badu, The Police, Nina Simone

You recently performed in Los Angeles with Breaking Sound to celebrate your new single ‘Just Me’. How did that go for you and how does it feel to be back performing again?

Honestly the entire performance I kind of just wanted to cry as I was overwhelmed with the amount of support that I was given by my friends family and people who really just loved the music. It was even more emotional to know that I was playing with the band that I met two years ago as a scared little English girl in LA. How far we’ve come!

Where does your inspiration and creativity come from when writing music?

I take a lot of inspiration from sex love anger. Or things that get my blood pumping lol

Who would be your dream music collaboration?

Jorja Smith, T-pain, Sting

You first stepped into the music scene as an opera singer! How different is it compared to being an R&B singer?

I’ve definitely grown more as a musician since that transformation happened and it was a weird step away from classical. I basically had to unlearn most of the things that I was trained for my whole life.

You grew up in Henley On Thames in England and now live in Los Angeles. How different is living in LA compared to the UK? 

I kind of got used to US living when I moved to New York at a young age but LA is a different beast. It's taught me a lot as being a professional and with relationships both business and personal.

Finally, how would you summarise your music style/vibe for those who are new? 

Sexy, fun, and all-around good listen in my humble opinion lol

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