Puppy Yoga: The Cutest Wellness Trend We’ve Seen In A While

Yoga with puppies? Sign us up!


Quite possibly one of the most adorable trends going around on Instagram at the moment has to be puppy yoga. And yes, it’s exactly that, yoga surrounded by cute little puppies aimed at destressing and boosting relaxation. 

Pets, but dogs especially have been scientifically proven to relax us and calm us down when pressures of day-to-day life perhaps become too much. Given the past years take on us all, now more than ever it is important to stay on top of our mental health and make sure we pay enough attention to ourselves. 

Pop up events in cities like London have attracted many influencers to the craze and made us all very jealous. What better way to model your new matching gym co-ord than surrounded by puppies?

However, if you are just as keen to get your hands on some tickets this summer than be sure to be quick as they appear to be selling out extremely fast! The main events appear to just be in London at the moment with Paws For Thought and Puppy Yoga London both putting on summer events. However, this is a craze that is sweeping around everywhere so be sure to look in your area if there is something similar!

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