8 Little Ways to Make You Happy

Might create a bigger impact than you think.


The term 'happiness' might be different for everyone. When we were kids, it was as simple as when you were given a couple of candies by your grandmother. But as we grow older, hustling that busy life or simply trying to survive day by day, happiness seems to be something difficult to achieve.

But, do you know, by doing little actions, you can turn your days to be happier? 

Here are eight little things that you can do to simply improve your mood throughout the day:


1. Smile 😁

As simple as it sounds, yes, smiling does help to improve your mood. In fact, it tricks your brain to be happy. This is because when you smile, your brain releases serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins to fight back the bad feelings. Although, we won't recommend you smiling like Joker or it's going to be a little creepy...


2. Take a deep breath 

A lot of people have been saying this, we know, but taking a deep breath for five minutes and just you focusing on that, actually helps. It's a good exercise for you to relax and immerse yourself.


3. Write down your feelings

Sometimes it's good to acknowledge how you feel, either it's anger, sadness, numbness, or anxiety, on a piece of paper or in your journal. By writing short or long sentences about this, it can be a good release from whatever is weighing you right now. And by the end you finish writing, your feelings might be better.


4. List the things you're grateful for

Okay, pretty similar to the previous one, but being grateful is a small simple way for you to take a second and appreciate things in your life. It definitely can be about the small things, like how your hair looks so good right now, or your egg turned out perfect this morning! 


5. Small exercise

We know, the word exercise itself makes you exhausted. But, the key is a short 15 - 30 minutes exercise. You can incorporate a little jogging or walking every morning and turn this into your habit. Little did you know, after pushing yourself for a few days, you will feel the difference in your life!


6. Talk to your friends

With quarantine, things can get pretty lonely. But talking to your friends through phone or zoom meetings is a good way to raise your mood. With all the drama, story, anything that comes up with their lives will lighten your mood, plus, you can talk to them about what's been bothering you. Because friends just know how to relate.


7. Watch your comfort movie/shows

When we feel sad, there is a sense of comfort when we watch that movie/shows we've played for a hundred times. And it's okay! Knowing the plot gives you a sense of familiarity which requires less mental energy. Not to mention, you can be nostalgic which could remind you of a good memory.


8. Compliment someone

Complimenting someone is a quick and easy way to boost someone's happiness. By doing this, not only do you get to make someone happy, you can also feel the same happiness boost! Just make sure they are sincere and genuine

So, that's all the small little things to make your days better. Don't forget, sadness is normal and you are allowed to go easy on yourself. 

We hope you have a happy day!


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