Privilege Prevails: Armie Hammer's Old Money Family Secrets Will Be Exposed in an Upcoming True Crime Series

Following sexual assault claims in early 2021, the actor's family secrets that have been swept under the rug began to be revealed.


Late 2020 was a rough time for Armie Hammer; the actor and his now ex-wife, Elizabeth Chambers, announced their split, he was away from his family for months on end because of Covid-19, and he was all over the news as a result of a sexual assault scandal. Then, in early 2021, multiple women came forward to expose Armie Hammer’s manipulative and violent behavior. The women provided receipts that showed him discussing cannibalism, rape, and more vicious acts. While Hammer’s personal life was already crumbling, his professional life was too. Before the breakdown of his career, Hammer was known as a witty and fun personality who was close friends with ex-co-star Timothee Chalamet

After the assault claims, Hammer’s talent agency dropped him as a client, he was dismissed from roles already lined up, and the Hammer family secrets began to circulate on the internet. Armie Hammer comes from generations of wealth and scandal for those who don't know. At the time of his great-grandfather’s death, he had a net worth of over $180 million; along with his fortune, he left behind various scandals for his family to clean up. Armie’s grandfather and great-grandfather seemed to be the heart of the family’s issues; in the 1950s, Armie’s grandfather, Julian, murdered a man over a gambling debt. If murder wasn’t enough, sexual assault claims have plagued this family for generations as well. Armie’s father, grandfather, and great-grandfather have been accused of sexual assault, and some of their victims include female family members. 

While the title for the series is subject to change, it’s currently called House of Hammer. In addition to exposing family secrets, the multi-part documentary will feature the ongoing investigation by the LAPD concerning the offensive messages and gross behavior Armie displayed to the women that came forward. There will also be archived interviews with Armie’s extended family members who can contribute information about the dynasty that has baffled all of us. A premiere date hasn’t been set for House of Hammer, but we can probably expect pushback from the family between now and then.