Pretend: Eloise's New Single Is All I Needed And More

With her first release of 2022, Eloise dances the line between heartbreak and love.


Following on from her astounding 2021 album "Somewhere In Between",  Eloise is back with long awaited single "Pretend". Combining her witty lyricism and intricate and unpredictable melodies with effortless, soft-toned vocals, she has an impressive way of putting a romantic spin on heartbreak - reminiscing on the good times while acknowledging the bad. 


One of her major breakthroughs occurred after she posted a cover of Bruno Major's "Second Time" to her instagram back in 2017, and within 24 hours had a like, comment and message from him, asking her to perform the song with him at his next gig! This resulted in her supporting Major on his tour, meeting his manager (Sam Bailey at Harbour Artists and Music) and becoming a client of his within a month, AND also releasing the beautifully heartbreaking 4 song EP “This Thing Called Living” in 2019, produced by Major himself. “The sole reason for my achieving anything I have is their belief in me,” she contends. 

With lyrics that resonate deeply, detailing the the exhausting and difficult place between being in love and being heartbroken, “Pretend” encapsulates Eloise’s unique, distinct style. She is currently on tour in the US and Canada, so for now I will simply stream her music on repeat. 


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