Hot Mess: Dodie's New EP Is Here

Chaotically and beautifully written, the incredible lyricist tugs at our heart strings again.


She did it again. Each song infused with vulnerability and intimacy, dodie's new EP "Hot Mess" encapsulates the chaos that is life and love. A product of her conscious attempt to work through her struggles, she describes it as "an overall desperate plea to find a way out that in no way is going to come from me!"

The first teaser for this EP was track 2, "Got Weird". She is incredibly open and honest, detailing her journey with her sexuality, tweeting "here's to gay panic" back when it was released in July. She explains, "I get the ick with myself whenever I date girls. It might be internalised biphobia, it might be from lack of representation growing up." The release was accompanied by a lyric video that dodie was excited to share with her fans because, as she described in a tweet, it is "really fucking weird" and "you're gonna hate it". 

Title track "Hot Mess" is an alt-pop masterpiece, with expertly written melodies dancing over the intricate and complex instrumentation. Dodie describes "Hot Mess" as "the result of the messiest, most intense, painful and exhilarating start to the year. It’s a wonky, dramatic but playful cycle – charging forward but around and around, again and again." 

The 4-song EP also includes track titled "No Big Deal (I Love You)". Speaking to Dork, she admits she wrote it on the piano that belonged to the boy she was writing about! Lastly, "Lovely Bones" can not got unmentioned. Written from "a much lonelier past", it demonstrates dodie's hauntingly beautiful harmonies and soft, soothing vocals perfectly. 

Stream her EP now, or you can find her on Spotify playlists such as "lyric therapy" and "sad girl starter pack". Sounds good to me.  


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