Poor Things: A Cinematic Journey Through Victorian Fashion

Victorian puffy shoulders and voluminous tops.


Yargos Lanthimos's new film, "Poor Things," has not only captured the attention of movie lovers and cinema fans, but also of fashion enthusiasts, particularly those who appreciate vintage clothing.

Not to give too many spoilers away;  the main protagonist in "Poor Things" (portrayed by Emma Stone) is Bella Baxter, who returns to having to live her life with the body of an adult but with the brain of a child, after having a "Frankenstein" operation style. 

Apart from the storyline and the acting prowess of the cast,  Emma Stone's ensemble is unquestionably what makes this movie remarkable.  Holly Waddington, the costume designer, was inspired by the Victorian fashion era of the 19th century.

You'll see how Bella Baxter's style evolves as she gets older throughout the movie. Her wardrobe is very colorful and quirky, with brightly colored skirts of all shapes and sizes, puffy shoulders, and ruffled shirts. 



The first impression on the eye was greatly influenced by the fabric selection;  the use of silk gave the clothing a light and airy feel.

Her sense of style makes the character enjoyable to see, and by removing the necessity of displaying a woman's bodily type, she sends a powerful feminist message.



"Poor Things" is an absolutely must-see movie, particularly, if like me, you are fascinated with unusual and fantastic clothes.  It will blow your mind!