Politician’s Just Don’t Do Their Job In Britain

Priti Patel states she doesn’t support BLM


The Home Secretary, Priti Patel, has said, last summers Black Live Matter protests were “dreadful". She argues protesting for equality is not necessary as there are, “other ways people can express their opinions”. Along with mentioning, “I do not support protests and I also do not support the protests that were associated". She was then cut off, as the interviewer questioned her comment. To which she backtracked stating she, meant BLM protests, not all protests.

Adding to which, she would not #TakeTheKnee, a symbolic act taken by sports players during the national anthem to show their support against racism. Which has recently hit the news as over half of the Scotland rugby team chose not to kneel.

As a reminder, the Home Secretary is responsible for making sure ALL communities across the UK are safe and protected. I think it is safe to say she doesn’t seem to be doing her job well if she ignores and discourages the call out for racism in Britain.


But this isn’t the first time Patel has made a shocking statement. A year ago, she spoke about the immigration laws she was implementing for post-Brexit. Laws that meant her parents would not have been able to immigrate to the UK, leading to her not being born in Britain.


Priti Patel is a prime example that being part of the BAME community does not mean you can't be racist towards others. It is upsetting to see a woman in power, acting the serotype of every white man in politics. 



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