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Political T-shirts Are Fashion's New Favorite

How to dress to resist with the ever-popular slogan tee.


One of the biggest trends throughout fashion right now has nothing to do with on-trend colors, silhouettes or fabrics but everything to do with political and social statements. Take the political sloganeering of this year’s election, add in fashion’s love of merch and then you create this season’s most daring trend: the slogan T-shirt.  

Though fashion may not be the first industry that comes to mind when you think of a group confronting political and socioeconomic issues, designers, models, bloggers, editors and trendsetters are now sharing their positions loud and clear on everything from equal rights to immigration. These influencers have resolved to provoke conversation by literally wearing politics on their sleeve. The slogan tee dominated the streets and runways of New York Fashion Week and showed us all that both politics and T-shirts are no longer just for your dad. 

Integrating a political tee into your wardrobe can sometimes be a tad tricky to get right, but what could be more fun— in a time when fun seems to be in limited supply— than a fashion challenge? Let our favorite looks inspire you to express your beliefs through your wardrobe and dress for a cause.  

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