8 Personalized Gift Ideas For Christmas 2021

To make your special ones feel truly special.


In the Christmas period, gifts become a love language for many of us. The best way to express this love is to try a little harder and put a personal touch on your Christmas presents this year. This is how you can let your loved ones know that they’re truly special to you because getting a personalized gift requires extra time and effort. But they’re worth it, aren’t they? Here’s our list of personalized gift ideas.

1.       Candles.

Seemingly the most generic gift idea can turn into something really unique if you try a little harder. Write your own message, choose a scent, pick a color and create a candle perfectly adjusted to your giftee’s taste and aesthetics.  Not only does a personalized candle bring out a Christmas spirit but also, it will make them think about you anytime they get into a cozy mode.

2.       Luxurious spirits.

You can treat them to fancy rum or a premium tequila, like Don Julio 1942, but if you go one step further, your gift will become even more special. Different brands offer a unique solution for creating individual bottle designs, with engraved personal messages, wishes and dedications. The Don Julio 1942 INKD Edition, for example, has the slogan ‘Just for you’ engraved and is a high-quality present for someone special. This will surely be a special present that they want to showcase or place in their house bar.

3.       Face masks.

A very current gift which may seem a bit sad but since Miss Rona is not going anywhere yet, we should at least have a bit of fun with her. For a customized face mask, you can pick a color, an image and a text, for example the name of your giftee, a funny message, or an inside joke. As if this wasn’t good enough, simultaneously, you support small local businesses and choose sustainable fabrics.

4.       Jewelry.

Forget engraved bracelets or necklaces with names because you can go way crazier than that. Get them a charm thong with their star sign. It will be a perfect accessory for a NYE or a carnival party. On the other hand, pet photo necklaces are a great gift idea for animal lovers. A full hunter chained pocket watch from Dalvey makes a great gift for men. 

5.       Home décor.

In winter, we spend much more time indoors, so it’s a perfect moment to refresh the home décor. You can help your giftee with that, getting them a personalized lamp, a cushion with picture, a mug with a funny message or a doormat designed specifically for them. Someone with a funky taste will definitely appreciate a customized neon sign or a wall art as well.

6.       Jigsaw puzzle.

If your loved one is into games, a personalized jigsaw puzzle, with an image representing your favorite moment shared together, will be a great gift idea for them this Christmas. The more pieces, the better! It will be a fun activity for long, winter evenings. It will also let them go back in time and relive beautiful memories.

7.       A scrapbook.

Nothing screams that you deeply care about someone louder than a scrapbook. Sort your photos, choose their favorite embellishments, add journaling, write personal messages and get them an unrepeatable gift that they will never forget. If you are looking for lovely Christmas gifts for mom and dad, a scrapbook filled with their memories is an amazing option.

8.       Gift wrapping.

Last but definitely not least. If you are already done with your Christmas shopping, you can add a personal touch to the gift wrapping. A customized gift box is a nice addition to the present. Your giftee can also reuse it in the future, for example, to keep their jewelry. Zero-waste has never been so special. 

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