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Patagonia Releases Their Sustainable SS20 Collection

Patagonia Releases Their Sustainable SS20 Collection

Produced in Fair Trade Factories


Patagonia is doing its bit for the planet with the release of its SS20 Collection. They’ve produced their mountain bike apparel line in socially responsible Fair Trade factories, using recycled and natural materials. The line features bibs, Dirt Craft shorts, and liner shorts.

Synthetic fibers, like polyester, acrylic, and nylon, are made from nonrenewable fossil fuels. When we wash these synthetic fibers, microplastics are released as the fibers break down, which pollutes our water system. So it’s great to see the brand using natural fibers to create their line. They’ve even created their hat brims from discarded ocean fishing nets, which has “prevented 35 tons of waste from entering the ocean this year alone.”

The new SS20 collection is now available to shop online.


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