Paris Hilton Is Releasing a New Memoir

Infamous It-Girl Of The Noughties Is Set To Reveal Her True Self in Upcoming Memoir


The 00’s reality TV star and socialite is releasing an open and honest memoir, unveiling a more vulnerable side to Hilton who has suffered media backlash in the past. Paris Hilton has teamed up with the company that published Jessica Simpson’s Open Book earlier this march, hoping to inspire the same sentiment Simpson produced whilst revealing the truth behind her spotlight image. Back in 2004 Hilton released Confessions of an Heiress, which divulged to readers crucial life advice from the legacy of the tiara to making an iconic fashion statement in low-rise pants. However, this time around, Hilton wants to ensure perceptions of her are distanced from that of a spoiled brat and realigned to that of the total opposite. 

This memoir will dive deep into a personal insight on Hilton's life, unravelling the darker side to her fame and redefining misconceptions and bad press. Her Youtube Originals Documentary, This is Paris, released in 2020, clears up the falsities behind previous scandals like her leaked sex tape, and sheds light on the bullying she suffered from at boarding school in Utah; a continuous torture and undoubtedly heartbreaking experience for her. Exposing the truths behind her infamous it-girl image is a tough task but Hilton seems determined to reflect her true self, instilling honesty into her evolving persona.  

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