Our Guide To Taking A Successful Break From Your Relationship

Not all breaks lead to breakups.


So you're having a few doubts in your relationship and you're skeptical about going on a break. We’ve all heard horror stories of relationships falling apart after going on a break. Taking a break is often frowned upon as if it paves the way to eventually calling it quits. But it can be successful and rewarding for both parties involved, if things are done properly and discussed beforehand. It's important to set boundaries and more importantly setting a time limit. Before we get to that, lets first define what a break is and why we shouldn't fear suggesting take the time to go on one when things aren't working out.


Break vs. Breakup

A break a very different from a breakup. Going on a break means having temporary separation from your partner to reflect on yourself, the relationship and anything that may not be working right now within the relationship. It's important to communicate with your partner why you actually want to go on a break, have them understand your feelings and discuss areas of your relationship that need some thought. However, taking a break should not become a pattern otherwise you’re venturing into on-again, off-again territory and those relationships are no good for anyone involved

Set the guidelines

We all know that terms and conditions are no fun but it is important to decide on some guidelines. You’re still a couple during this time apart and so if your relationship is monogamous then going a break does not equal a hall pass. If not, then you should decide whether your partnership contract still remains whilst you take the break.

Can you talk?

Some people go on a break but still message everyday, others will have zero contact. Its important to establish your contact level from the outset. If you're trying to take time to decide if you still want to remain in the relationship, constantly receiving messages from your partner will not lead to the break being successful. Just communicate with your partner, there is no right or wrong amount of contact, its subjective to your relationship.

Finally, how long should it last?

This is definitely something you have to decide on prior to the break starting. We’ve all been there a day into a break and you're calling it off because you're missing them too much. That back and forth can be hard and confusing for your partner, don't be that person.


Because of the taboo around breaks leading to breakups, it's important to get the time right. There is a point where, going beyond, would be considered a breakup. So what is this point? We would say the three month mark, if you get to that point and still have doubts or are having negative thoughts then it might be time to sit down with your partner for that difficult conversation. Breakups can be hard but you can’t stay in a relationship that is beyond repair


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