Ottolinger FW21 Explores Rocky Terrain
Ottolinger FW21 Explores Rocky Terrain
Ottolinger FW21 Explores Rocky Terrain
Ottolinger FW21 Explores Rocky Terrain
Ottolinger FW21 Explores Rocky Terrain
Ottolinger FW21 Explores Rocky Terrain

Ottolinger FW21 Explores Rocky Terrain

We’re firmly rooting for it!


The brand Ottolinger, formed by Berlin-based duo Christa Bösch and Cosima Gadient, has delved into the man-made and natural worlds, combining the two for the new Fall/Winter 2021 collection. 

The digital fashion show, presented during Paris Fashion Week, unveiled a cohesive collection of organic forms. Earthy tones of greens and blues came alive with pops of bright yellow and orange. We’re given quick snapshots of the models as they swiftly walk through the runway against a rocky terrain landscape. 

A combination of textures and details are layered in a thrown-together fashion. Denim and mesh are paired with bold, graphic prints; sunglasses are worn with snug scarves, puffer jackets and boots. The looks introduce snake-like forms wrapped around the body, which accentuate curves and the sense of movement. The collection closely resembles Ottolinger’s previous clothing inspired by the idea of deconstruction, creating items with loose fringe and ruffles – a tattered yet sleek appearance.


During the show, viewers are addressed with what seems like an eternity of ongoing thoughts – an inner dialogue as it were. The commentary touches on disasters that harm the environment caused by human activity: “City blocks and oil spills have too much in common for their own good…the devil’s work.”

“I always wished I could whisper through the meadows of confinement to get to the other side where the art has known not to hang.” It finishes with attitudes towards the pandemic: “Malign the patriarchy and go outside apropos of borders, boundaries and territories, formally known as somewhere. Now known as nowhere.”

The artful experimentation in Ottolinger’s FW21 has over-delivered. It’s both grounding and inspirational, two qualities we root for!

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