GCDS Masters Psychedelic Euphoria For FW21
GCDS Masters Psychedelic Euphoria For FW21
GCDS Masters Psychedelic Euphoria For FW21
GCDS Masters Psychedelic Euphoria For FW21

GCDS Masters Psychedelic Euphoria For FW21

The trip you didn’t know you needed.


GCDS, aka ‘God Can’t Destroy Streetwear’, has hit different for this season’s FW21, presenting the collection in a mind-altering short film for Milan Fashion Week. Italian fashion designer and creative director, Giuliano Calza, has tapped into the world’s current challenges and produced a trippy video as a form of escapism.

Directed by Albert Moya, and with photo direction by Dani Fernández Abello, the digital fashion show is a montage of highs and lows, reflective of these times. “Right now, every trip counts,” says Calza. “Every perception, every reaction. Dark times lead to good times, and we must recognize every piece of this forward motion. We must learn from it, and we must allow our new selves to be reborn.”

The film’s storyline is focused around a special kind of GCDS candy that’s been created in partnership with the Italian confectionery Leone. Scenes are divided up into sensory sections, resulting in an ASMR-fuelled show. Sand pours down like rain before models walk over crushed glass that appear to be remnants of a car crash; soft sounds of sirens whir in the distance. A gush of fire changes the tone with the clanging of a metal chain dress. Changing hues from red to blue, the models strut across a floor of water before emerging from a waterfall. 

The collection itself gives us a taste full of glitz and glamour for both men and women. Dua Lipa’s younger sister, Rina Lipa, opens the runway in a green cut-out dress showing the bejeweled ‘GCDS’ brand name on her hips. Maisie Williams and Lara Mullen are other stars who command attention during the flickering production. The juxtaposition of bright color mixed with darker tones adds to the eeriness of the rotating clips caught on camera, with glimpses of a diamanté bralette, faux fur clogs and the eye-catching Resina Moon Bag.

GCDS is far from traditional and we’re excited to see what’s next in store for the Italian streetwear fashion line. Have a watch of the FW21 fashion show below and enjoy the trip!

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