Openings It Would Be Rude To Miss During Berlin’s Gallery Weekend

See you there!


It’s Gallery Weekend in Berlin, and seeing as pretty much every gallery in the city is getting involved, you will be spoilt for choice. So, here are some crowd favorites to help you narrow it down.

Wentrup Gallery - Britta Thie, Scene

28.04 – 03.06

Former actress and director Britta Thie explores the vivid atmosphere of being on a film set. She relies on personal experience to paint her surroundings which she began to be inspired by waiting for her scene whilst acting. Thei explains that she felt a connection and even a kinship with the objects which quietly inhabited the chaos on set. The artist speaks about how dystopian and surreal it can feel about spending hours on end interacting with tech, repeating green screen scenes over and over, often swapping lines with a tennis ball on a stick (CGI is added later!). Her photorealistic paintings capture this dystopia and give insight into a world most have probably never experienced. 



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Hebbel Am Ufer - Anan Fries, Resurrect In Peace (R.I.P.)

27.04 – 30.04

Anan Fries’ performance acts as a funeral for the now-extinct passenger pigeon, a farewell ceremony led by a techno-intensive ritual. The piece combines technology with physical reality, connecting performers to on-screen graphics via motion tracking. It questions the possibility of revival after human-caused extinction of a species. If you go, be sure to wear clothes of mourning.



GaleriaPlan B – Adrian Ganea, Ghost Trade 

29.04 – 25.06

In his first solo exhibition, Adrian Ganea’s Ghost Trade displays an immersive forest of creepy sculptures and virtual assets. The show transforms the gallery space and upholds a mythical presence. Ganea considers the ecological crisis we face, hence why the trees are portrayed as ghostly and digitalized. Drawing inspiration from his theatre and scenography background, the artist references classic fairy tales and mythology within his installations to create a fantastical and haunting space for you to get lost in.



Schinkel Pavillon - Human Is 

Guided tours on 29.04 & 30.04 at 15:00

‘Human Is’ displays a variety of artworks ranging from historical to contemporary, discussing the human relationship with technological environments and the violent interdependence between the two. The group exhibition addresses this problem and considers the blurred lines between dystopia and reality through a series of artworks which will be explained and analyzed in detail during guided tours throughout the weekend.



Esther Schipper – Hito Steyer, Contemporary Cave Art

28.04 – 30.04

Hito Steyer presents a site-specific adaptation of her 2022 ’Animal Spirits,’ which consists of a video installation including live computer-generated animation and installation elements. The screens will be custom built and surrounding to act as a cave for the viewer to enter. Above the screens hang large glass sphere terrariums, glowing neon. The spheres contain sensors which can measure proxies for plant health and react to visitors’ proximity within the space itself, gathering data which will be projected live in the form of glittering light particles floating through caves.


Pickle Bar – Krista Papista, Fucklore Bellringers 

Performances on 28.04 & 29.04 at 19:30

Berlin-based artist, music producer, and performer Krista Papista presents her performance “Fucklore: Bellringers” as a shit-show restaging of a niche historical tradition. It explores the ritualistic practice of sorceress peasant women in Cyprus and the Aegean Islands. The women would wear bells of their lost sheep and run through villages to welcome the Spring Renaissance. The tradition, once lost, remains within artworks, historical texts, and now performance art, which you can see this weekend (the tickets are free!).