OMGYes -This Is How We Orgasm!

One small step for woman, one giant leap for womankind.


It's 2017, people – t w e n t y - s e v e n t e e n – and the truths of the female body are still eluding us – I mean, some men have only just found out that the clit exists (if you know such a creature, show them this extremely cute animated video immediately) and scientists degrade squirting to urinating – don't fuck with the female ejaculation, guys. Women are lucky: we get to have the only organ in the human body exclusively dedicated to pleasure, and yet we have been denied the pleasure of owning it, and openly talking about it for thousands of years – repeatedly “discovered” by men, then forgotten, then argued about, then misrepresented in literature. Sigmund Freud infamously had a beef (sorry) with the clit, believing that mature women should only receive sexual pleasure via vaginal penetration, and until 2009, the shape of the clitoris – which extends inside the body with two “legs” – remained a mystery.

Fast forward to today and women are finally getting the opportunity to not only talk more openly about their sexual desires, but educate themselves – and their lovers – on how exactly to max out that satisfaction gauge. Following on from the success of the How To Make Me Come Tumblr – a collection of anonymous essays by women talking about female orgasm – a new website is working to “close the orgasm gap” by breaking down time-honored societal taboos surrounding discussions of female pleasure: the awesomely onomatopoeiacally named, OMGYes.

OMGYes conducted in-depth interviews with over 1,000 women, followed by the first ever large-scale scientific study about women's pleasure with 1,000 more women. In the results of both research methods, they found an array of shared insights and techniques that enhance pleasure for the vast majority of women – 12 key methods which include “edging”, “rhythm”, “multiples”, “staging” and “surprise” – proving that the “complexity” of the female orgasm has long been confused with “unknowability.”

Counting Emma Watson among its endorsers, OMGYes is a one-time-payment subscription service, allowing permanent access to 62 fun and honest videos – many more ways to get yourself off than you even thought was possible, right?! – with countless ecstatic reviews backing up the service's revolutionary claims. In the top comment on one popular OMGYes review, one ecstatic lady explains that after making it to 35 without reaching orgasm, she's now making up for lost time, becoming a pro at the multiple 'O'. And what's great is that even those who have never had any trouble climaxing are able to explore new methods and improve their overall experience: 65.5% of women studied found that the “edging” technique led to longer, more intense orgasms.

So if you want to take your downstairs DJing to the next level and stick two fingers up to the patriarchy (maybe even at the same time?), try out OMGYes for free here!