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'00s Fashion Trends We Thought Would Never Come Back

The noughties: Ironic or iconic?


The noughties were… Well, not exactly a sight for sore eyes. I mean…. Kim K’s old MAKE UP (not face)… Matt Damon was “hot”… Britney’s hip bones and emo kids’ wrists: the noughties… WERE. BAD. But *sigh*, fashion moves back and forth faster than you can keep up with your mono brow. It hasn’t been more than 5 months since we made an ironic tribute to barbie-bae Paris Hilton for a quick giggle – but suddenly every mainstream shop are dead serious about selling us the same doubtable shit we bought when we were stupid, self loathing, dramatic children entering puberty. Not sure if I'm emotionally stable enough for skull print yet but I'll have a go. If it gets too bad I can cover the scars with checkered wristbands.

To believe that the 00’s are already retro is almost as hard to believe in as Kylie's pregnancy (pics or it aint so, Kylie) but seriously, here are 10 fashion items from the noughties that are making their way back into your wardrobe. 


#1 Vests have no purpose but they're here so let's wear them.

1: MATICEVSKI Inventive Vest $999.00 ($1665.00), 2: Alexa Chung $505.00, 3: TOPSHOP Humbug Stripe Sleeveless Jacket $110.00

Rock a vest and you will win wars.


#2 These sunnies protect your eyes from the sun about as much as Donald Trump is guarding world peace. Let's wear them!



1: Gentle Monster $215.00, 2: Vintage Funked Slim Oval Sunglasses $20.003: H&M Sunglasses $7.99

It's basically one of the laws of physics that these glasses just look badass on whoever might wear them. 


#3 Studded accessories help you express your pain and anger towards society – and where to buy!

 1: Alexander McQueen $650.00, 2: Classic Pyramid Studded Leather Belt $10.98, 3: Studded Choker $4.99 ($7.99)

#JeSuisEmo2007 and #JeSuisEmo2017. We <3 studs and spikes and EMO so totally only 1 season away from coming back. CUT CUT CUT


#4 Tops so tiny that they are almost 'free the nipple'-statement pieces – finally we can wear them again!

1: H&M Halterneck Top with Studs $32.99, 2: TOPSHOP Lace Up Corset Top $35.00, 3: TOPSHOP Chainmail Halter Neck Top $75.00

Yaaayyyy finally we can wear the slutty backless tops that Carrie Bradshaw rocked in the 00s! <3


#6 Remeber that time Kylie Jenner dressed up as Christina Aguilera and everyone remembered laces were cool?...

1: TOPSHOP Premium Leather Side Lace Up Trousers $590.00, 2: Wide-cut Pants $54.99, 3: MOTO Extreme Lace Up Jamie Jeans $85.00 ($125.00)

Laces are just straight up rock-chick-rock-chick 🤘🤘🤘


#7 Under-the-knee-boots: Wear them with tights, NEVER cropped jeans or leggings. Ew. 

1: Vetements $2150.00, 2: Miu Miu $1106.00 ($1495), 3: Devious Western Boots $190.00

I remember my mom wearing these when I was a kid and I just despited them. But honestly, can't help but just adore them today they just bring the 00's nostalgia and hideous aesthetic – and they totally slim your legs.


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