When Dick Pics Go Bad

Put the sad sausage away.


Science tried and science failed. Where there are mass dick pics involved nothing good ever happens. A researcher at Missouri State University has "destroyed" hundreds of dick pics she collected (was sent) for a study about the male dysmorphia. 

Professor Alice Walker only wanted 3600 dick pics and a bunch of questionnaires filled out for her research on the male penis size-self-esteem correlation. Well Prof. Walker your first mistake was advertising this all over social media, cause a few thirsty men slid right into her DM's with a sad sausage. For *cough* research *cough*.

Prof. Walker was simply trying to help men out here and she got slapped with a whole bunch of dick. 

"We need to be talking about men’s body dysmorphia, and the way our society worships size and the way that worship impacts men" she stated. It is true, society does put a lot of pressure on men to have something that is not really their choice. We value men's dick size yet forget their heart size and their personality. You could be the nicest most down to earth female first male and have a penis size that's not "big enough" and be judged solely on that. Or you could be a vile human and have a "huge cock" and that some how makes you " the man". Women, sorry to say, we are also part of the problem. We allow this narrative to keep going when we talk about a guys dick size rather than if he was a considerate lover. 

Prof. Walker enlisted the help of males she found in the hospitals, nightclubs and online portals (probably not the best place). She found that the serious tone and discussion she was after in her research was not there. Men being boys, talked up a big game and that led to data reliability threats. Prof. Walker got a little too much sausage and had to call off her research.

But it still has not deterred her to help the guys out. Prof. Walker still believes science should explore this idea, however maybe find ways that will be a little more reliable. All photos have been deleted Prof. Walker can confirm. No Guys she didn't keep yours for the wank bank, she's seen too much dick and she's a scientist.  But she can confirm, of all the dicks sent to her, the average size is 5 to 5.6 inches. 

Too much dick? How about a rabbit?