No Space, Just A Place: A Project By Gucci
No Space, Just A Place: A Project By Gucci

No Space, Just A Place: A Project By Gucci

An alternative collective destiny


No Space, Just A Place is an exhibition that supports the rich cultural landscape and contemporary art scene in Seoul, taking place at the Daelim Museum. The exhibition showcases the work of 10 independent art spaces from Seoul and 5 artworks from Korean and international artists. Drawing on the ancient concept of PROXENIA, ‘No Space, Just A Place,’ aims to redefine the idea of ‘being together’ while not being one thing.

Gucci stated that "every project is thematically tied to the idea of the alternative spaces as a utopian place in which to set new empowering narratives, dwelling on the understanding of otherness, the exploration of minority identities, and queer politics.”


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Curator, Myriam Ben Salah, urges us to consider what an alternative collective destiny might look like. Historically, alternative art spaces are underground venues that might be found in lofts or warehouses. They subvert the norm, promoting work that focuses more on experimentalism and artistic debate than commercial viability. The exhibition spotlights these venues, with work from Audio Visual Pavilion, Space One, and OF, to name a few.

Head over to the exhibit’s website to take a virtual tour.


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