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Tokyo Illustrator Chocomoo Staying True To Her Underground Roots

Tokyo Illustrator Chocomoo Staying True To Her Underground Roots


If you’ve been paying attention then you probably noticed that Choco Moo is all over the place right now. From her bigtime collabs with Japanese fashion brands and musicians to praise from top K-Pop groups to international mag appearances and recent gallery shows in Tokyo, Los Angeles, and New York, Choco Moo’s exposure has hit the roof.

Despite her spherical rise, Choco Moo is staying true to her underground roots. She’s an independent and self-managed female artist, which makes her a rarity in the Japanese entertainment industry. Her individual punky fruity style lead FIZZYMAG to go have a virtual encounter of the Asian kind with the fun loving workaholic who proclaims: “Art is my life!”

Occupation: ARTIST / Illustrator
Born and raised: Japan / Kyoto
Starsign: Taurus
Favorite color: Black & White
Relationship status: Single

We love your work, what do you love?
Thank you sooo much! I love art, fashion and music… so I love Fizzy Mag too!

If you could choose a city to travel to now, which city would it be?
LONDON! I’ve never been to London. I want to see Fashion culture in LONDON

What‘s the best thing about Tokyo?
The crazy fashionable peeps!

How do you like to spend Tokyo nights?
Tokyo nights are the best! I love go to party!

Who inspires you the most at the moment?
I get my inspiration from music, fashion and travel, and I loove Vivienne Westwood. I can’t wait to get Vivienne Westwood’s authorised biography next year!

Describe your home to us!
My home? It’s such a mess right now with toys & art & clothes & hats & books all over the place!! omg lol

Where‘s your favorite place at home?
Definitely my bed. I love to sleep!

How much do you spend on fashion a month?
Oh to be honest I really don’t know… I shudder at the bare thought!

What‘s the most expensive clothing item you‘ve ever bought?
A really expensive bag I bought once.

What‘s your favorite brand?
Vivienne Westwood

If you weren’t an artist, what would you be doing?
I’d be a hat designer.

Are you doodling during this interview?
No. I’m being serious for this interview.

Did you skribble on your clothes as a teenager?
Even now I love to skrilbble on clothes. I drew on some artist’s clothes for their tour recently.

What’s the favorite thing you ever drew on?
I love my “Blow up” piece.

What do you want to draw on in the future?
No idea. lol I want to draw on an overseas big wall.

We say fizzy, you say…

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