Nikkie Tutorials Receives All The Love For Coming Out As Trans

She is so brave and inspiring for speaking her truth.


Nikkie de Jager—best known as "Nikkie Tutorials" on YouTube, came out as Transgender.

The Beauty Influencer took to her Youtube channel on Monday to post a candid video called “I’m Coming Out” where she shared the news to her fans. In the emotional 17 minute video, she explained to fans that while her mother was pregnant, she was convinced she was having a girl. The influencer jokes, "Little did she know that she was actually having a girl," and goes on to detail that she had been born into the wrong body and she felt like a girl from birth. The beauty guru also revealed that she struggled with having to have short hair and dress up as a boy.

Nikkie goes on to explain that by the age of 6 she had grown out her hair and was exclusively dressing in girls clothing. By 14, she had begun hormone therapy and by 19, she was "fully transitioned," and she'd done it all while on YouTube with no one knowing.

In response to her news, celebs and her fellow beauty gurus flooded Nikkie with love and support. Ariana Grande, Aquaria, Alyssa Edwards, James Charles, Jeffrey Star, Shane Dawson, Desi Perkins, Lisa Eldridge, Norvina, Trixie Mattel and Maddie Ziegler. Beauty brands also came rushing in to celebrate Nikkie for coming out – Lady Gaga’s MakeUp company: Haus of Labs took to Instagram and commented on Nikkie’s post saying “You are so brave and so inspiring. Thanks for speaking your truth. We love you.” Marc Jacobs Beauty commented on Nikkie’s Instagram post saying “You are so inspiring and brave! Congratulations on being true to you.” Benefit Cosmetics wrote “You are so, SO loved, Nikkie! Here’s to freedom.”

You can watch the full video here but I would recommend you have a box of tissues close by, because the video has some tear-jerking anecdotes.

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