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Nike's Short Film “Sun” Will Inspire You To Never Give Up

Don't stop chasing your dreams, you never do it just for yourself.


Nike's latest “Just Do It“-film highlights the powerful story of German boxer Zeina Nassar, who is leading the way in supporting the next generation of female athletes across the world.

Zeina truly changed the game when she helped overturning an international regulation prohibiting women from competing in a hijab —  something every single woman can celebrate.

The film “Sun“ highlights her strong spirit and the will to fight. For her dreams, her future and every girl who’s willing to fight for her place in a male-dominated sport. It encourages female athletes to fight for an equal playing field, no matter who they are or where they’re from.

It shows Zeina getting knocked down, getting back up, accepting and embracing failure to keep on fighting, not only for herself. The fight is not over. If Zeina goes down, she'll fight even harder in the next round.

Nike's “Sun” is a story symbolic of the pursuit of sport by all female athletes fighting for an equal playing field, no matter who they are or where they come from. It is a celebration of sport as an energetic platform to make a statement, encouraging female athletes who speak up for the greater good.

Being part of "You Never Do It Just for You“- campaign, the film showcases the importance of fighting for your dreams, for they are never your dreams only. You win, you’re admired. You lose, get back up to fight— you inspire. You never lose when you never give up.

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