Nike Dunk Low Parris Goebel

Dance in vibrant style.


Nike is breaking boundaries with the Nike Dunk Low Parris Goebel Quick Strike, a vibrant tribute to dance and self-expression. These bold sneakers, feature an eye-catching pink and turquoise color scheme with dance-inspired elements. Parris Goebel, a renowned choreographer, dancer, and athlete, personally chose this iconic silhouette for its versatility and durability in the dance world.

What makes these kicks stand out is their inclusivity – Parris wanted everyone to see themselves in these shoes, no matter how they identify. It's about inviting a new generation of athletes to embrace their uniqueness and showcase their authenticity. Parris's hope is clear: “I want every dancer to feel like they can own the floor when wearing the shoe. I want them to feel bold, loud and unapologetic. This shoe was made for you to stand out.” 

Nike is celebrating the dance community, recognizing its influence on culture, and embracing the unique style and performance needs of dancers worldwide. So, if you're ready to make a bold statement with the Paris Goebel x Wmns Dunk Low 'Playful Pink' on and off the dance floor, don't miss these sneakers.

Get the Nike Dunks at and select retailers on October 24.

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