Netflix Releases Trailer for Third Season of 'Sex Education'

Things at Moordale are about to change.


Netflix has released the official trailer for the third season of dramedy ‘Sex Education’, giving fans a glimpse into the new Moordale. 

In past seasons we followed protagonist Otis who has teamed up with high school classmate Maeve to set up a secret sex therapy clinic at their school. 

However, after becoming known as the ‘sex school’ of the country the new headteacher Miss Haddon takes matters into her hands in the upcoming season. Sex education is scratched from the curriculum and instead students are taught that they have to stay abstinent. 

“Seems that there are students here who get a kick out of giving us a bad name. It changes today,” Miss Haddon says in her welcome speech. It is not just the curriculum that has undergone change. The entire exterior of the school is getting a makeover as well. 

Also the bathroom stalls where Otis and Maeve would meet with their sex clinic clients to give them helpful advice got destroyed. - It looks like this time it's the end of their clinic for good. 

After fans were left with a cliffhanger  in the previous season – Otis still doesn’t know why Maeve never responded to his voice message where he confessed his feelings for her – we might find out this season whether they will finally end up together. 

Sex Education Season 3 premieres on Netflix on September 17.

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