Netflix Offers Anime Scholarship Taught By Studio Ghibli’s Hitomi Tateno

Any budding animator’s dream job!


You best start brushing up on your Japanese, as Netflix has teamed up with WIT Studio to offer aspiring anime artists a scholarship taught by the legendary former Studio Ghibli animator, Hitomi Tateno. 

Intended to support Japan’s ever-expanding animation industry, the WIT Animator Academy scholarship program is a six-month course that will take place at the Sasayuri Video Training Institute in Tokyo

This will be a remarkable chance to work with animation houses behind the likes of Attack on Titan and Ghost in the Shell, and Studio Ghibli veteran herself, Tateno. After 25 years in the anime field, she’s left no skill unturned and is best known for her work on beautifully successful titles including Spirited AwayMy Neighbour TotoroPrincess Mononoke, and Howl’s Moving Castle – naming only a few from her long-listed filmography.

If chosen, you’ll be one of the lucky individuals to join the course, limited to 10 spaces, but both the course and students’ living expenses will be funded. To be eligible, applicants must be aged between 18 and 25, have graduated by March 2021, and be living in Japan. Don’t fret – non-Japanese citizens can still apply and speaking the language fluently is not a necessity. Applicants should, however, be able to carry out a basic level of ‘everyday conversation’. 

This dreamy opportunity is a fantastic way to discover new talent and respond to the increased demand of anime that’s led to a shortage of animators. WIT Studio added that the scholarship will “create a system where students can fully demonstrate their talents with peace of mind.”

The deadline to apply is February 28 and you can do this via WIT’s website. Be quick and good luck!

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