Gigi Hadid Plays Digital Fashion Game For Vogue

Gigi dresses up as a pixelated princess for Vogue Magazine.


Vogue’s March cover star, Gigi Hadid, has received her very own fashion video game to go along with her cover. Diving into a digital fantasyland as a pixelated princess, the model unlocks new levels and superpowers in the process.

Gigi welcomes us to her couch, ready to play ‘Gigi Play’, where we go through some beautiful looks for this season. Grab your remotes and let's go!

She starts the game by waking up to a bedside table photograph of herself and Zayn comforting baby bump Khai. She casually stretches out of bed in a slinky pale blue Proenza Schouler knitted set, before using her Gigi cache to get dressed in her dreamy closet.

Equipped with the power of Astral Projection, Gigi clicks her red ballet flats and dances her way to the supermarket, head to toe in Celine. She shimmies her way down the aisles, buying ingredients from her shopping list for her spicy vodka pasta. Level complete, Gigi unlocks a new outfit and receives the power of Telekinesis to prepare her famous dish in a Christopher John Rogers dress and Manolo Blahnik flats.

Once cooked and served, Level 3 introduces Super Strength! A giant Gigi walks to work through the bustling city before the time runs out. She graces the streets in a catwalk manner dressed in a pink gown by Noir Kei Ninomiya, with her hair flowing from under her Eric Javits headpiece.

Gigi’s fave superpower is Time Travel, where she goes back in time to the stables. Decked out in Chanel and Petrie riding boots, she perches on the back of a galloping white horse with a teacup and saucer in hand. This scene gives us Barbie of Swan Lake vibes, as the two stop to smell the roses and take a magical nap together.

The final level brings the most extreme power: Flight. Gigi floats through the sky in a yellow JW Anderson top, Coach strappy sandals and a Gucci Jackie 1961 bag on her arm, avoiding unicorns to collect her Gigi cache coins. She claims these in a pot of gold over the rainbow, prized with none other than her very own Vogue cover.

The project was brought to life by director Alana O’Herlihy, fashion editor Gabriella Karefa-Johnson and a number of talented 3D artists, including Carol Civre, Timo Rusall and Wan. O’Herlihy, also a friend of Hadid, stated, “[I] got to make a video game for Vogue, with a person I love very much. This was a labor of love, and I thank the whole team from the bottom of my icy heart.”

‘Gigi Play’ is available on YouTube now – tap into the art piece and enchanting ‘Gigi-verse’ below.

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