NAYVA Takes On The Nike Air Max Dia

Bringing modern elegance to the Air Max.


Paving the way for the next generation of fashion vloggers, NAYVA, are taking the world by storm. As a product of Kyra TV which produced the likes of PAQ Official, NAYVA, is made up of four young women, each with their own individual and quirky styles. 

Hailing all the way from London to Los Angeles, NAYVA’s latest venture sees their take on the Nike Air Max Dia. As part of a four-female footwear collective, made up of a designer, engineer, developer, and product manager, the Air Max Dia has been designed as a women’s exclusive silhouette which focuses as equally on style as it does functionality. 

With a deconstructed translucent upper (to show off your sock of choice), a low collar and four dots on the heel to represent the four assets that went into the development of the sneaker, the Dia represents the modern female. 

NAYVA envision just that. The concept of modern women. With their contrasting styles and personalities, they show how the Dia becomes tailored to the individual. 

In their video with Nike, the NAYVA girls say, “Women are ditching the standards of what society has for women.”

“There’s a lot more of a vibe of collaboration in the air more between people that come from completely different places: completely different backgrounds, and completely different ideas and perspectives of things like femininity or things like unity,” says NAYVA. 


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