NASA Has Discovered Clouds on Mars

Mars' Curiosity Rover strikes again.


Imagine this- you’re cloud-gazing on a chill Spring day. The wind is brushing your skin, the sun is warm on your face, and the smell of fresh flowers swoops in from afar. What could be better?

Cloud-gazing on Mars, maybe.

NASA’s Curiosity Rover did exactly that when it caught these rare images of beautiful, shimmering clouds above Mars.

We say rare, because they’re exactly that. According to NASA, clouds don’t normally form in Mars’ dry, thin atmosphere.

When they are on show, it’s when Mars is furthest from the sun. You can find them right on the planet’s equator.

The clouds first showed up one full Martian year ago- that’s two Earth years for us regular people- at an earlier time than expected. The scientists at NASA set out to investigate these early clouds, which are actually whisps filled with ice crystals.

They discovered that the clouds differ from the typical Mars offering due to their higher altitude setting and the presence of carbon dioxide, not ice water, in their makeup.

Our cloud-gazing may never be as cool as this, but it’s still fun to spot a teddy bear-shape floating above every so often.


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