Naomi Campbell Shares Her Stardom In New Book

Don’t worry, incredible images included.


Snapshots into Naomi Campbell’s career have been compiled into a highlight reel of her portfolio in the new book Naomi Campbell: Updated Edition, edited by Josh Baker.  Not only does the edition show off her fabulousness in fashion, but the model shares her own voice in the extra-large collectible item.

Naomi Campbell has been an icon in front of the camera since her modeling career started at 15 years old.  As one of the original supermodels of the world, Campbell has made a glorious mark on the fashion industry, being featured on the cover after cover of noteworthy publications, including TIME Magazine and British Vogue.  With one of the most famous portfolios, the model has been captured by remarkable photographers, such as Helmut Newton and Bruce Weber, showcasing her in all things fashion, from editorial spreads to advertising campaigns.

In the specially curated book Naomi Campbell: Updated Edition, the model’s endless works are presented by editor Josh Baker.  Alongside her images, Campbell shares her voice, commenting on her childhood and career.  She speaks on working with renowned designers and her journey to stardom.  With an autobiographical perspective, the hardcover edition pairs the supermodel’s visual triumphs with her own words, giving new insight into the successes of the legend.

The collector’s item is available on Taschen so that Campbell’s biggest fashion fanatics can celebrate the continuing achievements of one of the most notable supermodels that have graced the fashion world.

All photos: Courtesy of Naomi Campbell. Updated Edition

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