Anna Wintour Discusses The Future Of The Fashion Industry With Naomi Campbell

The American Vogue editor says that things will have to change once the COVID-19 outbreak is over.


Anna Wintour has appeared on the latest episode of Naomi Campbell’s YouTube series, No Filter With Naomi, to discuss COVID-19 and the future of fashion. The editor of American Vogue explained that the fashion industry will have to undergo major changes once the coronavirus outbreak is over.

‘I think it’s an opportunity for all of us to look at our industry and to look at our lives, and to re-think our values, and to really think about the waste, and the amount of money, and consumption, and excess – and I obviously include myself in this – that we have all indulged in and how we really need to re-think what this industry stands for,’ Wintour said.

She went on to say that labels will need to focus more on sustainability, creativity, and craft. The editor’s comments come after she launched a fund to provide support to those in the fashion community affected by the coronavirus pandemic. When asked by Campbell about the fund, Wintour explained:

‘It dawned on us that this [COVID-19] was going to be so much bigger than we thought of at first. After 9/11, the CFDA and Vogue started the initiative called the Fashion Fund which supported young designers. Tom Ford, myself, the CFDA, and all of us at Vogue, we decided to take that fund which existed to support young designers and to repurpose it to help those that were struggling because of the pandemic within our community.’

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