Munroe Bergdorf Gives Great Response To Baroness’s Apology

Thanks but no thanks.


Yesterday Munroe Bergdorf, transgender model and activist, took to her Instagram to post a letter she had sent to Baroness Emma Nicholsan. The letter was in response to an apology to Bergdorf, that Baroness Nicholson had posted on twitter. 


This is Emma Nicholson, Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne. She is a member of the House of Lords, a Conservative peer and Vice President of @thebookerprizes. She feels it necessary to share transphobic memes featuring myself on Twitter, alongside referring to me as "a weird creature". Being trans is not a free pass for ANYONE to distribute hateful content, or to misrepresent and defame them. Especially when they are someone of such powerful standing WITHIN BRITISH PARLIAMENT. Last week she decided to attack gay marriage, this week she's attacking members of the trans community. Trans people are people. I can't believe that I even need to say that in 2020. I will be writing a letter to the Parliamentary Standards Conduct Commissioner. This is despicable conduct from a member of parliament.

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Hateful tweets have previously been shared against Munroe Bergdorf and the whole trans community by Nicholsan, including deeming the model ‘a creature’ as well as mis-gendering her. Although she did later attempt to cover that up as a typo…
Since then the trans community have rallied together in support of Bergdorf, and their efforts have resulted in the stripping of Baroness Nicholsan’s title as Honorary Vice President of the Booker Prize.


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However, Munroe Bergdorf has regarded the apology as 'mis-ingenuous'  and called out the Baroness’s excuse of her tweets being ‘casual’ as damaging; drawing the parallel between the act of casual transphobia with casual racism.
Despite the twitter apology being impersonal and Baroness Nicholson not seeming to be taking accountability for her actions, Munroe Bergdorf has once again impressed with her ability to be the bigger woman. She has accepted an invitation by the Baroness to meet up and talk ‘in the spirit of openness and reconciliation’ and suggests they should ‘work together to grow a new dialogue around such important issues.’ 


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