MSCHF Is Up To More Mischief With Their Super Normal Sneaker

The brand continues to uphold their reputation for taking a little too much inspiration from other shoe companies.


MSCHF is at it again. After being in a lawsuit with Nike for their creation of the Satan Shoes and in a lawsuit with Vans for their Wavy Baby Shoes, the brand has dropped another pair of sneakers that are inspired by a big brand’s best sellers. 

They’re called the Super Normal shoes, and they’re inspired by Nike’s Air Force Ones. Nike has sold their Air Force Ones since the 1980s, and they bring Nike about $800 million a year in sales. The name of the Super Normal shoes is strange indeed, but you can’t really blame MSCHF for wanting to get in on the AFO action.

The Super Normal shoes are extremely similar to Air Force Ones in their structure. They minick the all-white style, the stitching, and the silver plate on the laces. But the SNSs differentiate in their wavy stitching and designs, and of course, in the MSCHF branding.

Nike eventually settled the case over the Satan Shoes, which MSCHF still have on their website and are even sold out of. It’s likely that another lawsuit may arise after the release of the Super Normal shoes, but we’ll have to wait and see if Nike can stop MSCHF’s success. 

The Super Normal shoes will drop on the MSCHF app on June 23rd for $145.


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