Dutch Band Mood Bored Release Their Debut Bored EP

The indie-rock band show of their newest lead single "Vibe Like Edie".


Today sees Dutch indie-rock trio Mood Bored release their debut Bored EP via Mattan Records. Along with the release comes lead single ‘Vibe Like Edie’, a dreamy tune made  up of breathy vocals, raw, reverb-drenched guitars and intricate, captivating melodies that express a deep desire for passion and purpose in a world that feels stale and stagnant. 

‘Vibe Like Edie’ describes the hopeful yearning to drastically change one’s life in a significant way. To release the pipe dream of moving to a big city and being someone’s muse. To make art, and films, and love; to be seen. It is inspired by the relationship between Edie Sedgwick, Andy Warhol and ‘The Factory’, where they famously launched their creative careers. The track follows recently released singles ‘Lucky’, ‘Easy Going’ and ‘Pour Into Me’, all of which are featured on the brilliant new Bored EP.



Across the seven tracks featured on Bored EP, Mood Bored introduces something new into the beloved canon of ‘music by and for 20-something existentialists. The title, Bored EP, reveals itself over the course of the EP to be, at once a sincere declaration of the restless impatience that young adults so often experience, and a sarcastic expression of resentment for how overwhelming, and not-so-boring, life is.

This tension between sincerity and sarcasm is prevalent across Bored EP, which shifts almost manically between sentiments of near-nihilistic cynicism and hopefulness. Moments of humor lead to anger and despair, what appears gentle is revealed to be violent, but a persisting playfulness – both lyrically and instrumentally – grounds even the EP’s darkest moments of existential dread with an endearing self-awareness of its own melodramatics.

Bored EP touches upon feelings of anger, sadness, and bouts of helplessness, all the while maintaining a light-hearted, humorous outlook on the world – because what else can you do? Mood Bored tell stories of their own desire to grow and develop into people that they like, while navigating the digital, late-capitalist world in which they unwillingly find themselves.

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