3 Mood-Boosting Recipes For Improving Mental Health

Because food should also feed your soul!


Sometimes when we are stressed or not feeling great, food might be the thing we turn to in order to quickly release endorphins and “trick” ourselves into thinking all is not bad. Often times the food decisions we make in these scenarios aren’t the best for our body or peace of mind. When that sugar high drops, what follows right after is a sense of guilt and a realisation that our mood hasn’t improved at all. If anything, we feel worse.  

But did you know that there are foods out there that help relieve anxiety and improve your mental health? These foods are equally tasty and delicious, but this time pack a mean nutritional punch designed to help you feel better about yourself and give you the strength to face the things in your life that are bothering you.  

Of course, these mood-boosting recipes will not instantly cure any mental health issues you have nor quickly turn your mood around. Mental health issues are serious and should be taken seriously. We’re not in the business of reducing it to this idea that a sweet potato will suddenly make your depression disappear.  However, eating the sort of recipes that we are about to recommend and adjusting your lifestyle patterns will, in time and effort, improve your mental state in a way that you might feel like you can cope better now. *That* is our mission, so here goes nothing! 


Breakfast mood-boosting recipe idea:  Full-fat Greek yogurt with natural maple syrup & blueberries 

Full-fat Greek yogurts are incredibly popular due to their high concentration of friendly bacteria called probiotics. Probiotics are often known to help relieve depression so if you’re feeling down in the morning or woke up on the wrong side of the bed, this is a good breakfast choice to put you back in good stead.  

Natural and pure maple syrup is not only deliciously sweet (which is great news if you’ve got a penchant for sweet things) but also highly anti-inflammatory due to a molecule found within it called quebecol. This can help with inflammatory-based medical issues that many people suffer from - often due to climate and lifestyle conditions - such as psoriasis, asthma, diabetes, and even cancer. This will naturally in turn make us feel better about ourselves and thus improving mental health.  

According to this study, consuming blueberries can have an immense and positive effect on one’s mood. After 2 hours of consumption, you may see a dramatic improvement in your mental state. So why not throw in some blueberries in your breakfast where possible?  


Lunch mood-boosting recipe idea: Grilled salmon salad with a homemade olive oil and lemon dressing  

Salmon and olive oil are omega-3 rich foods that are known to help fight symptoms of depression. They are also anti-inflammatory which can help relieve pain and stress in the mind and body.  

Lemon is acidic and strong in taste and smell which, when consumed, is said to energize people and make one think more clearly and make better decisions. This helps lift mood and lower stress-related hormones.  


Dinner mood-boosting recipe idea: Lentil and veggie soup with kale 

Lentils are such healthy comfort foods especially for cold and rainy days. Not only are they delicious but they keep you fuller for longer and a satisfied tummy is always a great way to beat the blues.  On top of that, kale contains a fat-soluble substance called carotenoids. According to this study, carotenoids were found in higher concentration in people with better moods.  

Consuming more portions of kale throughout your day or week may offer stress-reducing qualities in your life, as well as make you more optimistic in general.  


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