Here's How Much $$ Everyone's Spending On Bae This Christmas

Are you being too cheap?


When it comes to the holidays, we love being as generous as the next person – except if that next person is bae, because everyone knows that guys should splash more skrill. We're all behind men and women being treated equally and all, but until we start getting paid equally, we've totally got an excuse to be cheap if we want, okay? But how cheap is too cheap? Thankfully (for those who actually care), RetailMeNot has come through with the stats.

As expected, men are planning to outspend women this year, with 69 percent planning to spend over 50 dollars on their gal's gift. Only 58 percent of women, meanwhile, are planning on exceeding 50 dollars. Of course, 50 dollars may seem pretty low to some – just sayin', but you're not gonna cop many sneakers with that – but it turns out that those planning on spending over 50 dollars are usually spending way more. The average American drops 196 dollars on their other half's gift.

But, frankly, fuck the stats. Spend as much as you can afford – and if you can't afford anything, don't buy anything at all! Slip on some Christmas stockings and put yourself under the tree. You can't buy love or happiness, after all.


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