mlbacard¡'s Debut Ep I Love To Do My Own Stunts

7 Tracks of total bangers.


Today, newcomer mlbacard¡ is set to make lasting impressions with her brilliant, freshly released debut EP “I LOVE TO DO MY OWN STUNTS“ out via Believe Records. The 7-track record is a perfect taste of the on-the-rise songwriter’s vulnerable remarks on struggling in her teens.  The EP features her energetic, brand new single GUINEA PIG which is her commentary on her experiences of social conditioning, and comes complete with an official video that really nails her thoughts in a wholeheartedly tongue-in-cheek way. 

Listen to the EP in full now: 

Speaking about the song, mlbacard¡ said “Guinea Pig is about the social conditioning that we have become numb to. It’s become part of our daily routine to be subconsciously encompassed by marketing tactics that are presented to us, in every shape or form. Some, are too subtle to realize.  We are all sluts to consumerism, whether we like it or not.

“This song speaks about the pollution of minds and how focusing on the little things brings back a minimum of our humanity. It can be the most successful attempt at control. Focusing on what makes us human”.

Walking through the tracklist of  “I LOVE TO DO MY OWN STUNTS'' listeners will quickly work out the messaging behind mlbacard¡ which she simply explains as her “personal development from her teens into adulthood.” Recent track release “CLAUSTROPHOBIC” is also very much about how sadness can take root, whereas the track “REAL” explores love and what it makes one do.