Taking Missionary Position To The Next Level

Vanilla relationships take note.


If missionary is your position of choice, we don’t blame you. The missionary position is great, it provides intimacy, face to face contact, neither of you has to exert too much energy and of course, it feels good! Yes, the missionary position is everything you want but did you know there are simple ways to take it from great to earth shattering in 0.2 seconds?!

If you’re an advocate for the missionary position, you’ve probably often heard in a negative way, that you’re in a vanilla relationship. Vanilla relationships (or just vanilla sex in general) get a bad rep and it’s time to break that myth. Vanilla is creamy and indulgent, decadent without being overly rich and has no reason to compete with chocolate or cherry because vanilla is underrated. You like your sex the way you like it and in order to have great sex, it’s important to know what you like.  These tips are like adding a dollop of whipped cream or a sprinkle of nuts to your usual serving, so next time you’re getting beneath your man, don’t be afraid to indulge a little further while sticking to your tried and tested method.



Unless you’re a yoga pro, this one is best avoided in the morning. Your muscles will need to be pretty warmed up otherwise you run the risk of cramping (total mood killer) or obtaining rather sore limbs for a few days. The idea is to contort yourself into the yogic butterfly pose while in the missionary position, release for a few strokes and contort again. This pose will change the depth and tightness of the standard missionary and introducing this new sensation in quick bursts is a great way to increase variation. Plus he’ll be really impressed with your new limber trick! Instead of having your legs straight or bent with feet on the mattress, wrap your legs around your partner so your feet are touching soles and hold in place with both hands. There’ll be less room between your bodies but it’s oh so worth it! To avoid getting into this pose clumsily, take some time alone to practice the butterfly pose as it would be performed in a yoga class – that way you’ll be prepared!


It’s Gettin’ Hot In Here

If you’ve ever had steamy shower sex or even sauna sex, you’ll what what we mean when we say hot sex is hawwt sex! Create the conditions for sweat box sex, either by turning up the heating full blast or by simply leaving the blinds open on a really hot day. This one gets a little messy so might be best for the mornings when you plan to take a shower afterwards anyway. Allow the temperature of the room to sky rocket and by the time you’re getting down with your man, you’ll both be glistening and ready for the sticky adventure. Really embrace the humid conditions, allow yourselves to sweat all over each other and not care one bit, you’ll be surprised how easily upping the temperature can affect the intensity of your experience. Feel free to linger with the foreplay while it’s hotting up, you’ll both want to be really begging for it to achieve maximum impact.


Spoon Sex

Whether you prefer to be big spoon or baby spoon, there’s few things less comforting than a good spooning session. Try a naughty version of the classic spoon by grinding on your partner if you’re baby spoon and by reaching around and doing a little exploring if you’re big spoon. Missionary position but on its side, spoon sex allows for a tighter penetration due to the closed leg pose but you still achieve maximum intimacy. This one can be tricky to get all your bits in the right place so if it’s not working for you, flip over onto your stomach and let him enter you from behind with closed legs instead. No face to face contact with this one but it just might be worth it!


Stretch Those Legs

Kama Sutra calls this the Impaled Missionary which sounds like something you’d rather avoid than voluntarily adopt. Essentially it involves stretching one or both legs up and resting them over your man’s shoulder. One leg only allows you to play with different angles while both legs up creates a great environment for introducing a low level sex toy like a bullet vibrator. Above anything else, draping your legs over your partner is such a sexy move, it’s one he’s not likely to forget!


Collages by Sara Klein