Miniskirts Are Making A Comeback Thanks To Miu Miu, Chanel, Hermes, and Prada

The Giant Impact Of The Mini Skirt.


The mini skirt has been brought back yet again, this time with a fresh take to the look. Every few decades the mini skirt comes back with an update to the style, serving as a fresh coat of paint for those who keep up with fashion trends. The mini skirt has been brought back thanks to fashion companies, such as Prada, Chanel, Hermes, and Miu Miu. 

The mini-skirt-craze first began in the 1960s with Mary Quant as the brains and British supermodel Twiggy as the face behind the look. Mary Quant forever changed women’s fashion with her radically high hemlines, which to her represented, “life and tremendous opportunity.” The look implied women’s increasingly active role in society and growing acceptance for more public displays of their sexuality. 

Twiggy, who spent much of her career subverting our fashion expectations with her bold pixie cut and unusual style, caused the mini skirt to gain popularity when it first broke out. The 2000s saw a comeback for the miniskirt with women returning to colorful, far more playful looks following the hyper-masculine grunge look of the 90s. This time, the trend was carried out by celebrities such as Devon Aoki, Kelly Rowland, and Paris Hilton who sported the skirts throughout the decade. The message of this era of mini skirts was obvious: it’s okay to be girly.

Now with the resurgence and reinterpretation of early 2000s styles, the look has been brought back to life on the runway. Fashion houses are channeling the 60s and early aughts, by refreshing the look and mingling it with their brand’s signature aesthetic. The look is finding a home with today’s generation due to the gender non-conforming attitude of the fashion industry. People of all genders can and will strut in a mini skirt, placing fashion at the forefront of this brave new world. 

The fact that the mini skirt has been reinvented so many times and returned on more than one occasion is a testament to its enduring popularity and universality. The mini skirt remains a symbol of female rebellion and nonconformity. 


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