Mikayla Jane Strikes Again; This Time, Make It Sparkle

Soak in luxurious goodness with this Tom Ford Frost Balm.


BRB… screaming, crying, and throwing up right now at this TikTok Mikayla Jane posted on Tuesday about the Tom Ford Balm Frost; a lip balm quite literally COVERED in a beautifully iridescent glitter. When I say I have never switched to the Safari browser faster than after seeing her first swipe of the balm against her lips, I mean it!

Boston born ‘Masshole’ Mikayla Jane is one of the largest beauty Gurus this industry has ever seen; famous for her incredibly endearing accent and astonishingly honest reviews, she has claimed her fame through her millions of followers on TikTok and Instagram – basically, the worlds judge for all things makeup. If MikaylaJMakeup says its good, then it has to be good! If you have ever wondered how much power one single person can hold? Just try purchasing any product she has ever left a positive review for – I’ll bet you can’t!

@mikaylanogueira A $58 LIP BALM??? 🤔 #makeup #beauty #ForzaHorizon5GO #roborockrun ♬ original sound - Mikayla Nogueira

Now back to the star of the show - this luxurious lip product has an incredibly hydrating formula, with a rich, glimmering, sparkle-filled finish. Quite literally showing every single piece of glitter. The base color is a pearlescent pale pink, appearing as an almost perfectly natural nude; all contained within hardy, eye-catching, and sleek gold packaging – perfect to keep on display. The insane shine of this formula even works to make the lips look fuller, almost like an instant lip flip – almost costs the same too. As seen in Mikayla Jane’s video, one swipe is all it takes to make magic with this lip balm. 

Shop it here for $58

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